The naughty me is Rocki. Son of Shipar Khan & Kaniz aliza.


It’s really hard for me to describe myself since I can't see me from outside or from any one's point of view. So describing me by myself is not right. Obviously I'll be biased. Anyways I'm very friendly. But I'm an egoistic also. Sometime I fail to understand myself. I often do some thing what I'm not supposed to do. I want to win at any cost. Often time people misunderstand me. But I can't make them understand that they are taking me wrong.


Till now a bachelor.


Date of birth: September 06

Home town: Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.


My favorite author: Humyan Azad, Shorat Chandra Chotropadhai, Somrash Mozumdar & many more.


Favorite actor: So Many.......................I can't count thier names.


Favorite Singer: so many....I can't count thier names...


Interests: My interests changes with time & mood. I have some common interests… Driving, Traveling, chatting with friends, eating & so on....


Favorite movies: Desperado, Shoot Em Up, Bad Boys, Godfather, Indiana Jones, Casino Royal, Matrix, Jumper, Rambo, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, i Robot, The Godfather, The Condemned, Ocean's series, Too Fast Too Furious, Terminator,  American Pie series, Resident evil & many many more.


Favorite Persons: My Father