Nokia, Symbian Mobile Software’s - Series 60

01.       Advanced Device Locks ----- Lock Anything in your Handset.

02.       Surprise Lenses ----- This Tool really offers you with lots of Surprises

03.       SF Manager 1.0 ----- If you are an advanced user, then this software is for you. You can access every Hidden file in your mobile using this File Exploring Software.

04.       Psilock E Recorder 1.64 ----- The best Recording software.

05.       Lonely Cat Games Juke Box 2.0 ----- Another cool shot from Lonely Cat Games

06.       Best Desk v1.0 ----- Best Desk has a flexible panel system for creating panels.

07.       F Explorer v 1.6 ----- F Explorer 1.6 is the up to date version

08.       Magic Music Player ----- Magic Music Player is another Alternative.

09.       Handy clock 1.01 ----- Latest fully working version of Handy clock 1.01.

10.       N Torch 1.05 ----- N Torch a cool tool which lights the Flash light

11.       NetQin 2.0.42 ----- Netqin is Great Antivirus software with a Huge Blacklist of Antivirus.

12.       Ultra IM Pro 1.2 ----- Ultra IM is another Instant Messenger which is Java Based.

13.       Smart Movie Player 3.32 ----- The latest version of Smart movie player

14.       Zip man 2.5 ----- Latest version of Zip man

15.       Power Mp3 2.41 ----- Power Mp3 supports Mp3, AAC with 10 Band Equalizer and new skin. Power Mp3 is becoming a more and more popular Mp3 Player.

16.       LCG Jukebox 2.11 ----- LCG Jukebox is a Product of Smart

17.       X-plore 1.0 ----- X-plore is another Shot from Lonely cat games.

18.       Smart movie 3.40 ----- The latest version of Smart movie player

19.       Z plus 1.0 ----- Zplus is another alternative to password protect your files

20.       Beep Off 3.02 ----- LCG Jukebox is a Product of Smart movie Players the most popular Developers.

21.       Handy Clock 4.0 ----- Latest version of Handy Clock till date.

22.       Wow Pix 1.0  ----- Wow Pix is another cool app.

23.       Surprise Sound Recorder 1.0  ----- Zplus is another alternative to password protect your files.

24.       LCG Jukebox 2.14  ----- Latest and up to date version of LCG Jukebox. With some bugs fixed up.

25.       DivX Player 0.88  ----- DivX Player 0.88 the alternate to Smart movie

26.       Voice Call Master 1.5  ----- Voice Call Master is another call recorder with many features like Blocking calls, call diverts etc.

27.       Keyman 1.03  ----- Keyman is key pad manager.

28.       Opera Mini 3.18295  ----- Latest version of Opera Mini, the most popular web browser on smart phones.

29.       X-plore 1.05 ----- Again with some bugs fixed up X-ploe 1.05 is the latest version. A Great file manager.

30.       Call Magic 2.0 ----- With Call Magic you can get many options like receiving calls without ring automatically or you can set number of rings to get the call picked up automatically. You can reject all calls or set it to hands free mode. Must TRY!

31.       F Explorer 1.17 ----- F Explorer 1.17 is with some new features which also show ram usage and processes running in background. It also shows system files of your Handset.

32.       Handy Blacklist 2.0 ----- Latest Version of Blacklist, which could block the callers or could be helpful if you want to avoid calls from a specific number.

33.       Handy Task man 1.06 ----- Task man shows the processes running in background of your mobile and could be helpful to free up the useless apps which have used your ram.

34.       LCG Jukebox 2.15 ----- LCG Jukebox doesn’t need any introduction. A well known and popular mp3 player.

35.       LCG Jukebox 2.15 ----- LCG Jukebox doesn’t need any introduction. A well known and popular mp3 player application.

36.       Turbo Msn 1.92 ----- This one is the latest version of Turbo Msn Messenger.

37.       Core Player 1.1 ----- Audio & Video Player

38.       LCG Jukebox 2.17 ----- The latest version (fully working)

39.       Call Cheater Manager ----- This software could be handy if you want to dodge someone or for any similar

40.       Smart Recorder 2.0 ----- Smart Recorder is an excellent app, which records calls in background and don't ask for permission on every call. Records calls in background once you set it up to record automatically.

41.       SMS Counter 1.0 ----- SMS Counter counts your text messages. Counts messages sent. Also counts the number of text messages daily you sent and a summary of text messages records.

42.       TS Mobiles 3.14 ----- Using TS Mobiles 3.14 you can easily connect your PC from your Nokia Handset via GPRS or EDGE or 3G service. This application is tested and works fine.

43.       You can access your PC desktop from your Nokia handset from anywhere.

44.       LCG Slick 0.35 ----- This is software by Lonely Cat Games.

45.       Smart Assistant Live 2.0 ----- This application can be used for, Automatic Call Rejection Messages, Answer Machine, Call Recorder, Voice Notes.

46.       This is another alternative application to advanced call manager.

47.       LCG Xplore 1.21 ----- This is the most recent version of LCG Xplore series.

48.       Mobile Ram Booster ----- It can boost up your mobiles RAM by miles. A very impressive utility to boost up your mobile ram.

49.       Fun Voice Mail 1.0 ----- This is a great way to send greeting images, messages to your loved ones. This software has ready-made Greeting messages saved as an image which looks like a cool way to greet. Must Try!

50.       Mp3 Player 3.6 ----- This is latest version of Mp3 Player software. This is the latest version which has been release this year with much improvements and new features.

51.       Total Recall 2.1 ----- Total Recall is another Call recording software with NO Beep, and records calls automatically AMR or WAV format.

52.       Bit Defender Mobile Security 2.1 ----- One of the best Antivirus software. Scans all files thoroughly, and deletes infected virus files.

53.       LCG Xplore 1.30 ----- LCG Xplore is a popular file manager application. Must have app to modify, move, delete, copy system files on your device.

54.       Tea Shark - Browser ----- Tea Shark is a cool browser, works smoothly.

55.       Light Control 1.00 ----- Light control can set Timer on Screen light and Keypad light. E.g. you can set your screen light and keypad light to remain ON during the night, and auto OFF in daytime.

56.       LCG Smart movie 4.0 ----- The very latest version of smart movie.

57.       English To Urdu Dictionary ----- The only available English to Urdu dictionary. Tested & Working.

58.       Panama 1.16 ----- Panama is a great app to create widescreen images, like you can merge two images into widescreen image. Cool stuff!

59.       Core Player 1.30 ----- Latest working of popular Core Player.

60.       Flash Lite 2.0----- Flash lite is required by many apps. So better to have it installed.

61.       Opera Mini 4.2.11 ----- Latest version of Opera Mini browser.